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Termites and the unexpected

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Termites and the unexpected

You can throw away the text book when it comes to termites and there workings as they can do the unexpected. We have seen termites that can easily travel in damp and exposed areas in and around your home but sometimes we see them find other ways to enter your home. A job we recently just completed had white ants breach their home but not in the way you would think. This house was on a slope with dampness at one end and the house which was very close to the ground but the termites as we thought would use this entry point did the opposite. They actually travelled up through a dry concrete block at the other end of the house to gain entry.

We have also seen termites gain entry through shower cubicle floors as they can travel up through the sides of pipes entering your home of which no physical or chemical barrier will stop them entering your home. To treat these areas we had to drill through the grout in the shower cubicle itself so we can gain access to treat the incoming termites. This goes to show no matter what treatment you have had termites can still breach your home. Which is why it is important to carry out termite inspections every 12 months even if you have has a physical barrier installed such as termi mesh or kordon.

Another job we had done where white ants gained access was through a crack in the concrete slab as the termites avoided the chemical barrier that was installed around the home and came up through the concrete slab in the middle of a lounge room. We had to pull up all the carpeted areas and drill holes so we could apply our chemical barrier internally. This was a great success and luckily the owner had kept up to date his annual termite inspections so the damage that could have been done was completely avoided.

As you can see it really pays to keep up your 12 monthly inspections as there is no guarantee that termites cannot breach your home after a termite barrier treatment has been applied. You will find this information on every termite inspection report that is handed to you as certain areas are not accessible during the inspection.

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