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Termite Prevention!

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Termite Prevention!

When it comes to detecting termites around your home, it can be difficult to determine where they may be hiding and where their nest is located. But all is not lost, before getting a comprehensive termite inspection carried out by the pest control specialists at SafeClean, we share termite prevention advice and ways to identify if termites are making your home theirs too, and what to do next.,.
1. Remove extra timber from around the exterior of your property. Especially from under the house if the floor of the home is raised. Make sure this area is also kept dry and well ventilated.

2. Look for signs of mud tubes – If you see thin trails of dried dirt around the concrete slab or on around the brickwork of the property this is a sign termites may have entered the home.

3. Keep weep holes clear at the base of the brickwork in brick homes. Over time these can accumulate dirt, garden mulch and other debris. These ventilation channels are important however if they become clogged they can be an easy way for termites to enter the home undetected.

4. Keep your home leak free – Termites need moisture to thrive so keeping your home leak free goes a long way in not attracting them in the first place. Leaking pipes and roofing should be repaired in a thorough home termite defence.

5. Remove hardwood timber sleepers from garden beds and use treated pine instead or concrete instead.

6. Look for discarded wings, pinholes in paintwork and other blistering of paintwork in skirting boards and window framing

7. Keep vegetation trimmed that is close or comes into contact with home, especially overgrown trees that come into contact with the roof eaves of the home. These can provide a direct pathway for termites to access the property.

8. Remove any rotten wood and store firewood away from the home. Avoid using wood chipping as a landscaping option.

9. Decks, patios and porches can provide a bridging access over more traditional barriers so if you are planning to build these make sure every new construction make sure using treated timber or termite resistant materials

10. Regular professional inspections are the best way to maintain your termite defences around the home so you know exactly what it is you are dealing with. When it comes to termites and their activities the absence of termites now does not mean that this will continue to be the case, so keeping on top of your termite inspections is essential.

If you need effective termite targeting techniques that get to the root of the problem call upon SafeClean, the Brisbane pest control specialists. Depending on what we find, we are armed with a number of techniques to detect and treat termites in the home, so don’t wait any longer – protect your home today by booking a termite inspection on (07) 3823 2333.

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