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Termidor® – Stopping termites in their tracks

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Termidor® – Stopping termites in their tracks

When it comes to our termite treatments, we only use the best of the best here at SafeClean. Because of this, we work with Termidor when combating termites, rated the best product by an independent survey of more than 100 pest controllers for its effective and long lasting properties.

Because of the destructive and persistent nature of a termite colony, you need a treatment that you can have confidence in and you can rely on for its effectiveness. With Termidor’s range of products you can target termites in a number of ways depending on your situation. The team at SafeClean explain how the product works and what you can expect from a treatment in this blog post.

How does the Termidor treatment work?

The secret to the effectiveness of the Termidor treatment lies in the fact the formulation is transferred between termites, and spreads throughout the colony. The treatment will kill termites through contact and ingestion. Because the treatment is non repellent, unlike other termidicides, termites will be unable to detect the treatment and avoid areas where it has been applied. Termidor can also be transferred from a second carrier to a third carrier, making it extremely effective as termites are inherently social creatures.

How is it applied around your property?

The Termidor product comes in two formulations: as a chemical treatment and as dust granules.

The chemical formula is applied under and around the home’s concrete slab and serves as barrier from entering the home. Other termite treatments may be effective in killing termites if they come in contact with the treatment, however others in the population will learn to stay away from the treatment and look for a break in the chemical barrier. Termidor dust is applied directly onto places where termites have been including inside the home and places around the property such as on fences and trees.

Is it safe for to use in my garden and around pets?

Yes. Termidor is applied under strict guidelines that we follow here at SafeClean and in doses that have little to no impact on the surrounding environment. The active ingredient has been registered in household pet products since 1996 and been thoroughly assessed by the Department of Health and Ageing. As the product is water based, there is no scent and the product will not leach into your soil affecting plants and your garden.

Can I buy the product and apply it myself?

No. Termidor is only available for purchase from licensed pest controllers who have been trained in correct use and application. When looking for a termite solution, ask if the treatment they have comes with a warranty. While there are cheaper alternatives available, none come with the 8 year warranty of Termidor.

If you’ve seen the signs of termites, don’t wait – contact the pest professionals at SafeClean and have the ultimate peace of mind you need when dealing with termites. Call us on (07) 3823 2333

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