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Selling Your Brisbane Home? Carpet Can Stop Buyer Objections!

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Selling Your Brisbane Home? Carpet Can Stop Buyer Objections!

When it’s time to sell your home, getting it right the first time to avoid missing out on the sale!

Homebuyers can be fussy. They’re spending a lot of money on buying a house, after all. But there are several things you can do to ensure your sale doesn’t fall through because of small details. That tear in the carpet for example, doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to replace. Fixing minor carpet issues is a much more affordable option!

Carpet Patching Brisbane

What is carpet patching?

Most people presume that damaged carpet, whether torn, stained, burnt or otherwise, requires a complete replacement. Fortunately this is not the case. Carpet patching is a great alternative.

Carpet patching is the process of removing the damaged piece of carpet and patching the space with a spare or replacement piece. A carpet repair expert can use heat seam tape or highly adhesive glue to keep the carpet patch in place.

Tip: If you don’t have any spare matching carpet; take a small section from an inconspicuous place. Think built in robe or below the staircase where it will not be noticed.

Why would carpet patching be needed?

There are several reasons why carpet patching might be necessary, whether you’re selling, redecorating or just having a clean up.

If you have children or just love dinner parties, you may have ended up with food stains on your carpet. Even with the help of a professional carpet cleaner, certain stains, like red wine or pasta sauce, can leave their mark forever. Why replace the whole carpet when carpet patching is a great substitute?

Chemical spills are another household hazard, and they tend to occur in the most obvious places. These can cause damage to the carpet fibres and result in an altered colour. Bathroom bleach, nail polish remover and even some insect sprays can discolour your carpet leaving unsightly mismatched patches in high traffic areas.

Have you ever burned a hole in the carpet with a candle, cigarette or hair straighteners? Have pets scratched or shredded your carpet fibres leaving a mess behind? Don’t go looking for rugs and mats, or strategically positioning furniture when carpet patching may be the answer.

Tip: Carpet patching works best on plush carpet that features no patterns. This makes it easier to blend and match the replacement piece with the existing carpet.

Give your home the best chance when buyers come to inspect! A virtually invisible carpet repair may be all takes for you to make that sale.

Don’t wait until the buyers are gone, call the team at Safeclean now and book your carpet patching today! It is quick and cost effective.

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