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Safe Chemicals Pest Control Safe Practices = SafeClean

We aren’t called SafeClean for any old reason. Like our name suggests, you can breathe easy with the knowledge that our carpet cleaning and pest control treatments are 100 per cent safe for you and your family – and yes that includes your pets! We understand the safety of the chemicals we use is of major importance to homeowners, that’s why we’re explaining how we ensure safety throughout our business below.

Why are chemical treatments used in pest control?

When you need to tackle a pest problem head on, chemicals are the proven formulas to exterminate household pests. Rodenticides, termiticides and insecticides are chemical treatments for different pests that offer the most effective and reliable results for significant infestations. Whether it’s to combat cockroaches, eradicate ants, spearhead spiders or flush out fleas, pesticides are the most effective option available. Compared to natural or ‘organic’ pest control methods, pesticides offer a guaranteeing continued protection for a period.


• Only use chemicals that have been approved for use by the National Registration Authority for agricultural and veterinary chemicals. (NRA) To be allowed to be sold, the safety of these
chemicals undergoes a rigorous testing program.

• Follow all guidelines when administering the chemicals including ensuring the right dosage is used and handling protocols are followed. All our pest control team are trained in the correct usage and handling of all our treatments.

• Ensure all baits are out of reach of pets and children

• Take all necessary precautions when using chemicals inside the home including instructing leaving the house for a certain time if necessary, and covering toys, toothbrushes and other sensitive items.

What the treatments will not do:

• Stain your carpets or leave any marks on the surfaces and flooring of your home

• Keep you out of your home for long, if at all. Many times we can administer treatments where you will not have to leave the home at all.

• Take long to dry. All treatments are quick drying and fast acting.

• You will also not need to clean or wash any surfaces after the treatment.

Your safety is out number one priority here at SafeClean so you can breathe easy when it comes to engaging us to treat and prevent pests in your home. No matter the pest or problem, you can be sure we’re always protecting YOUR health and OUR good name.

For proven safe and effective pest control solutions in Brisbane, call our team today on (07) 3823 2333.

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