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Quick tips for keeping carpets clean

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Quick tips for keeping carpets clean

Do you live with messy family members, and are constantly concerned about the cleanliness of your carpets? Your flooring is highly valuable, but if it is constantly covered with dirt and dust and grime, it will soon become damaged. The best way to protect your carpets is to prevent them from getting so dirty in the first place. We have listed some ways to make this possible – even when you have tiresome family members who never stay clean!

Vacuum every day

With a big family, you may need to vacuum every day. This does not need to be a thorough clean –just enough to collect the new dirt and dust that has arrived. Instead of feeling the pressure to do this all by yourself, develop a roster so that each family member takes turns in doing their chores.

Keep the kitchen and bathroom tidy

Kitchens and bathrooms gather dirt and grime that can be transferred to carpeted areas. Sweep these regularly, even if you do not vacuum as much. Bits of food and water can easily stain your carpets, and this will usually originate from your kitchen area.

Avoid eating meals on carpet

Instead of eating in front of the television, why not create a family meal time at the table, if it has more appropriate flooring underneath it? If you must eat your meals over a carpeted area, invest in a large rug that will protect the carpet underneath. It will usually be much cheaper to clean or replace a rug, than it is to do the same to your carpet.

Spot clean immediately

If a spill occurs, clean it up immediately. The method you use will depend on the type of product that your carpet has been stained with. Red wine, melted chocolate, coffee, and pasta sauce are common culprits. Learn about the best ways to address these types of stains and clean them up as soon as they occur.

Hire a professional

A professional carpet cleaner will know the best way to treat stains on your carpets, or provide them with a general clean. If you care about the quality and cleanliness of your carpets, talk to your local provider about a regular service. A regular professional carpet clean will keep them in near-perfect condition, and protect them from unnecessary damage. Do not wait until you are moving house to clean your carpets – think ahead and protect them for the future.

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