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Grout Sealing – Prevent Water Damage and Big Bills Later

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Grout Sealing – Prevent Water Damage and Big Bills Later

Grout sealing can prolong the life off your grout. While tiles are relatively easy to clean, the grout between them can absorb moisture and dirt which can become discoloured and mouldy. Cleaning it yourself can be a huge task, and it won’t be long before the mould and grime is back again. Professional grout sealers will not allow deep staining in your grout. It does make it easier to clean.

Grout sealing has plenty of benefits and is a great way to keep your bathroom or kitchen functional and attractive for years to come.

What is grout sealing?

Grout sealing is an application of sealant and comes in solvent, water or colourant form. The specialised sealant protects the grout from bacteria and moisture, as well as assists in retaining the grout colour.

How is grout sealant applied?

Before grout sealers is applied the grout must be clean. Professionals will soak the grout in cleaning solution before agitating and scrubbing the grout with their machinery to ensure the grout is spotless. After drying, the grout sealing will be applied by an experienced, accredited applicator. Any excess sealant will then be wiped clean.

How long does grout sealing last?

Sealing grout can be offered with a guarantee of up to 15 years. If a high quality sealant is used, grout sealant significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance costs for years to come.

Will it change the colour of my grout?

Cleaning the grout before applying the sealant will ensure that the original grout colour is fresh, clean and maintained. Grout sealant is offered in a variety of colours and keeps your grout looking the same in both colour and texture.

Grout sealing is a must in both older and new homes. It can save you time cleaning and scrubbing away with no result. It can also save you money down the track by preventing damage to your floors. It keeps your tiles looking new and clean for longer!

SafeClean provides grout colour sealing in Brisbane and surrounds, with a 15-year guarantee. Contact SafeClean for a quote today!

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