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Do you neglect to inspect? It could cost you dearly

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Do you neglect to inspect? It could cost you dearly

With an estimated 1 in 3 Australian homes neglect to inspect for termites. There’s a good chance that the unrelenting creatures could be in your home right now causing damage that you don’t even know about. Left unchecked for extensive periods this damage will not only literally eat away the value of your most important asset, and it a problem that’s so widespread in Australia that insurance companies won’t even cover your home against damage from termites.

So what’s the solution?

You might have already guessed. The answer to avoid a hefty bill and to minimise the damage caused is to have regular termite inspections. An infestation isn’t necessarily the end of the world, especially if it’s been caught early, but if you’ve neglected an inspection and haven’t had a professional in as long as you can remember, you could be at risk of things getting costly.

A recent case study

Safe Clean recently inspected this brick home in Brisbane after the homeowner became concerned seeing muddy sandy trails surrounding the brickwork of their home. (see picture below) The home had not had a termite inspection since it was built and we knew straight away that the mud tubes meant the presence of termites.

In this case the subterranean termites had breached the home through the brick wall weep holes and caused a significant amount of damage. Upon further inspection we located a termite nest in the laundry. (see picture below) The repairs were well over $15,000, but would have been avoided if they had of had regular termite inspections (recommended once each year) or installed a chemical barrier that lasts up to 8 years.inspect for termites

Firstly we had to treat the live termites that were inside the home and then apply a chemical barrier around the base of the property. The owners decided to take prompt action knowing very well that the repair costs to their home if left untreated could quickly exceed $100,000 in structural repairs.

The moral of the story:

Yearly termite inspections in Brisbane catch infestations before they become out of hand and causes damage to your home. The question is not can you afford to have an inspection, but can you afford not to have one? Our technicians have numerous years’ experience in finding termites in your home through many different methods. Call (07) 3823 2333 today and have your home inspected.

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