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Cockroaches In Brisbane Tips and Advice

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Cockroaches In Brisbane Tips and Advice

Cockroaches In Brisbane

It’s thshutterstock_140823721at time of year when the weather gets warmer and humid, and you start to notice those dirty cockroaches in Brisbane appearing in your home. These cockroaches are very prevalent and common pests in Australia and particularly here in Brisbane. They will literally eat anything from rotting rubbish to sewerage. Because of their wide selection of food they can potentially carry diseases and germs and spread it to humans, for example gastroenteristis, salmonella, and allergies. Cockroaches tend to be most active at night and if you happen to see them during the day time then there’s likelihood that you have a heavy infestation and you’ll need the cockroach professionals here at SafeClean


The most common type of cockroaches found in Australia are the Oriental, German and American cockroaches.

The Oriental cockroaches are black and dark brown in colour and are medium in size. The German cockroaches are relatively small and slightly lighter in colour. They are typically found indoors and most of time found in kitchens with a lifespan or around 9 months. The American cockroach mainly live outdoors in sewer and drains and most often in commercial areas. The American cockroach has the ability to fly in warmer weather, reddish brown in colour and is the largest cockroach out of the three.

Where do cockroaches like to hide?

Cockroaches like to live in mainly in kitchens, because there’s access to food such as bread crumbs, flour and water. The common hiding areas for cockroaches are:

Underneath sinks

Confined spaces e.g. the pantry, behind the fridge

Kitchen cupboards

In drains

Cracks in walls

DIY Pest Control

Here are some general do-it-yourself tips to control the infestation:

– Take out the rubbish on a daily basis

– Immediately clean up spills

– Store food in either zip lock bags or containers

– Ensure your pet’s bowl is cleaned before you go to bed

– Repair any cracks in the wall

– Keep the kitchen really clean

– Cover any unprotected food

Finally, if your cockroach problem won’t budge you need the help of an effective pest control service like SafeClean. We’re here to help with proven treatments that are safe, effective and long lasting. Call our team today on 3823 2333

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