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Brisbane Is A Hotbed For Fleas! Here’s Your Options For Flea Treatments In Brisbane

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Brisbane Is A Hotbed For Fleas! Here’s Your Options For Flea Treatments In Brisbane

Flea control is very important. Why worry about irritating flea bites when there are safe, effective flea treatments available to put a stop to them now?

You want the best for your family and that includes your cats and dogs. If your child was being bitten by mosquitoes you would take action, so give your pets the same courtesy. Don’t make anyone in the household have to put up with fleas!

Where fleas live;

Unfortunately those living in warm and humid regions will find fleas are more common than in cooler areas. Brisbane’s climate is ideal for fleas as the humidity required for their eggs to hatch and progress through their cycle of life is at optimal levels. Moisture is also a crucial factor for a flea’s survival which is why you will find them living in dark spaces, like underneath Brisbane’s airy homes – especially in wet season!

Other common areas fleas hide include:

• Shrubs, bushes and soil

• Piles of leaves

• Dog beds

To minimise chances of a flea infestation ; clear dead leaves, cut back bushes and trim overgrown shrubs. This reduces the areas in which fleas can breed and thrive. Pet beds are also a popular place for nest building – they provide a nice warm environment, and fleas have a tasty blood source at hand. Change your pets’ bed linen regularly and relocate the bed on occasion to decrease risk.

Flea treatment options;

There is an abundance of treatments available and it can get very confusing. Home and pet owners often make the mistake of racing out and buying the first flea bomb they see at the supermarket; unfortunately these are often ineffective. Over the years fleas have built up a tolerance for the chemicals used within these products rendering them effectively useless.

You and your pets deserve to enjoy comfort at your home; which is why hiring a professional to eradicate the infestation is the smarter option. They know what works and how you can reduce the chances of fleas reappearing at a later date.

In addition to having your home professionally treated, talk to your vet about treatments and defences to reduce the risk of bringing fleas home from the local park or neighbourhood.

Fleas pose a health risk to you, your family and your pets. They don’t just cause swelling and itching; they can also spread diseases including tapeworm larvae and murine typhus.

These tiny bloodsuckers may be small but what they lack in size they make up for in irritation. Take action, avoid suffering and organise effective flea treatments for your home.

Get rid of the itch, call us today on (07) 3823 2333 for comprehensive flea treatments!

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