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Tile Cleaning is a never ending saga. Tiles are perfect for our Queensland climate. They keep our houses cooler and more manageable than carpet and their cool surfaces are a blessed relief for sore feet at the end of a hot day. But the very reasons that make them so sought after can also be their downfall – our humid, muggy climate is the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria that breeds on tiles and in the grout.

Home owners can spend a lot of money investing in tiled surfaces so it’s only natural that you want them to look their best. If the years haven’t been kind to your tiles, it’s time to think about calling in a professional cleaner to turn back the clock.

1. Give your tiles a facelift

Do you remember the original colour of your tiles? Do you really? Years of build up grime will discolour your tiles as well as the grout, leaving them looking grey and faded. A professional clean is as good as a renovation for tired old bathrooms and kitchens – and it’s a lot cheaper too. Clean tiles don’t just look good, they make the room feel cleaner and brighter as well.

2. Prolong their life

Tile scum isn’t just ugly, it’s also destructive. Damage from dirt and water can deteriorate your tiles and especially the grout, which is a lot softer and more sensitive. After awhile, this deterioration can lead to loose, cracked and chipped tiles, and as anyone’s who’s done work in the bathroom or kitchen knows, tiles can be one of the most expensive repair jobs in the home. A professional tile and grout clean is hard on dirt but gentle on tiles.

3. Health

But worse than the stains and worse than the damage, are the health risks. Bathroom mould can harbour nasties like germs, household allergens and a fungus known as stachybotrys. These contaminants can cause a range of illnesses, from cold like symptoms to respiratory problems, especially in small children. If left long enough, the mould can spread throughout your house. Keep your household healthy by cleaning out the muck on a regular basis.

4. Save time and money

By now, you might be thinking about cleaning your tiles yourself, but it’s a job best left to the tile and grout professionals. Grout is extremely porous and over time, the dirt can leave a permanent stain. Professional cleaners have specialised tools and cleaners that make easy work of flushing out built in grime. Household cleaners will only do half the job, so even after all your hard work, you might still need to call in a professional anyway. And if you don’t use the right cleaners, you can do further damage with harsh products.

5. Prevent further problems

What’s the point in hiring a professional if the tiles are just going to get dirty again? At SafeClean, we offer a colour sealing process designed to reduce the amount of maintenance your tiles require. Our Grout sealer comes in 24 different colours and provides stain protection to ward off nasties in the future.

Call SafeClean on (07) 3823 2333 for a free hard surface audit to determine the best methods to clean your tiles.

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