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4 motivating reasons to get carpets steam cleaned

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4 motivating reasons to get carpets steam cleaned

FACT: All Carpets will become dirty over time no matter you might try to prevent it happening. While they might not necessarily always be visibly dirty, especially if you have darker coloured carpets, all carpets will benefit from professional annual steam cleaning for a number of reasons.

After professional steam cleaning our customers at Safe Clean often are amazed at how bright and fresh their flooring looks. It’s easy to forget how built up dirt and grime can gradually dull the appearance of the carpets in the home! But appearances aside, there are many other benefits to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned which we share below.

1. Steam Cleaning extends the life of carpet

There’s no doubt that purchasing carpet is a huge investment. All manufacturers recommend annual carpet cleaning as part of the maintenance requirements for owning carpet. Neglecting this can see the lifespan of your carpet drastically shortened and is a small cost when compared to having to completely replace carpets. Protecting your carpet now will save you later.

2. Steam Cleaning protects the health of your family

Asthma causing allergens including dust, dander and other pollutants can be lurking beneath the surface of your carpets. If left untreated this can cause dust mites, fleas and even carpet beetles to take refuge in the carpet fibres which can particularly affect the health of pets and small children who have more contact with the surface of carpet. The high temperature of steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to kill pathogens, allergens and to remove favourable conditions which allow carpet pests to thrive.

3. Steam Cleaning removes odour and smells in the carpet

Dirty carpets often cause the home to have a certain smell. This is not always hugely noticeable to homeowners since they’ve often become accustomed to the musty and sometimes damp smell. Steam cleaning removes all odours and leaves carpeted rooms in the smelling fresh for your family and visitors to the home.

4. Steam Cleaning removes stains to brighten your life

No-one likes a stain, especially one that’s a constant visual reminder. Say goodbye to stains with steam cleaning! The method extracts difficult to remove stains from the carpet underlay to leave your floors looking bright, vibrant and most importantly – stain free!

What do your carpets say about you? With great prices for home carpet cleaning, don’t let stains, dirt and dust define your carpets. Safe Clean has the carpet steam cleaning solution in Brisbane, so call our friendly team and restore your floors today! Phone (07) 3823 2333

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