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Did you just spill RED WINE or a BEVERAGE DRINK on your carpet! Quickly check out our page on how to remove before the stain dries.

Carpet Stain Removal Brisbane

How bad the stain will affect your carpet depends on what caused the stain, what type of carpet fibres you have and what colour the carpet is. There are also some spills that you can make worse by trying to remove them yourself. The longer you leave stains in your carpet, the harder they can be to remove.

The best way to eliminate carpet dirt and grime is by getting it cleaned professionally on a regular basis. However, if you have a small spill you’d like to spot clean yourself, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get it done efficiently. It’s important to understand what type of spill it is so you know how best to treat it.

Let’s look at types of stains, cleaners, removal techniques and the best way to keep your carpet looking as amazing as the rest of your home.

Why avoid cleaning products when cleaning a carpet spill?

Your average household cleaning product is generally a ‘broad-spectrum’ cleaner. They can contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals which can weaken your carpet’s fibre and deteriorate the look and feel of your carpet. Some carpet cleaning products sold in stores contain toxic substances that you may be unaware of. They can be dangerous to pets and crawling babies. SafeClean only uses safe, non-toxic cleaning methods.

What about odours from stains?

Using only water or detergent may mean you are left with a lingering smell of the stain. If it was a large spill this can take a long time to go away. Avoid using more water on the stain as this may make the stain mouldy and lead to a musty smell. Filling a spray bottle with 50/50 water and vinegar can be a good way to combat odours and allow you to remove the smell. Use the spray bottle sparingly to avoid soaking the carpet.

Why use SafeClean for carpet cleaning?

SafeClean specialises in stain removal techniques for both new and old stains. We use a specialised method of hot water extraction steam cleaning for cleaning carpets. This is a natural method using hot water and can effectively remove many stains. Along with this, specified spot cleaning methods will be used on stubborn stains to ensure they are removed and your carpet is left looking like new.

SafeClean has been trusted by Brisbane locals since 1985. As a family owned business we have continued growing while providing the best standard of services at the most competitive price.

SafeClean’s machines are also truck-mounted, making drying time of carpet significantly faster than using older machines.

All of SafeClean’s staff are extensively trained. Some of the team have been working for SafeClean for over a decade! No carpet stain is too big or too challenging for us.

What do I need to do before I call a professional?

Before you call a professional to remove stains, try the methods above for spot cleaning fresh stains. If the stains are older, or you can’t remove them, always call a professional. Show the carpet cleaning technician any stains, spills or spots you would like them to remove and give them as much information as you can about what caused the stain.

Why not consider getting your whole house cleaned? SafeClean will ensure all dust and grime is removed from deep into your carpet’s fibres. This will leave your whole house feeling fresh and will avoid any sneaky stains from dirt or soil rising to the surface of your carpet down the track.

Stain removal for your carpet – key takeaways

Confused about the best method to protect you valuable carpets? Don’t dismay. Here is what you absolutely need to remember about cleaning carpet spills.

If it’s a stain that you’re unsure how to remove – leave it alone! You could make it worse and permanently damage your carpet if you try.

Paper towel and blotting (never rubbing!) is a good way to soak up as much of an initial spill as possible. Professional maintenance of your carpet will ensure your carpet stays clean for longer. SafeClean is your best Brisbane choice for carpet stain removal.

The SafeClean team are the carpet stain removal experts for Brisbane! Contact SafeClean today for your obligation free quote. Don’t leave those stains to set, or it might be too late!

What are you waiting for? Carpet stain removal in your home or office is just a phone call away!

Water soluble stains include marks left by anything that can dissolve in water. They include, but are not limited to: Blood Egg Wine Beer Tea Chocolate Mustard Tomato sauce Ice-cream Water soluble stains vary in their difficulty to remove. Stains such as blood and wine require specific treatments to remove and may be best cleaned professionally, whereas others, as long as they haven’t been there too long, can be easy to remove.
Non-water soluble stains do not dissolve in water and therefore don’t weaken in colour or appearance when cleaned with water. Some of these stains include: Oil Gum Paint Glue Grease These types of stains often require a specialised cleaning treatment to remove safely without damaging the carpet.
Insoluble stains do not respond to water or chemical solutions. They may be: Ink (particularly toner ink) Pigments or dyes Graphite or carbon
Complex stains are a combination of substances and are difficult to remove as they are often absorbed into the carpet fibre. They include Lipstick Some paints
Although we pride ourselves on our highly effective carpet treatments, there are some stains that are unlikely to ever come out, no matter how you try to remove them. These stains are ones which can change your carpet’s appearance or quality permanently. These can’t be removed and the carpet needs to be repaired or replaced. Stains that are non-removable are: Bleach stains Burn stains (either by harsh chemical or a stain from a naked flame) Deep rust stains
The first thing to remember when it comes to stain removal is to act fast! If you notice a spill or potential staining material on the carpet, remove it immediately. Do this and you have less chance of it becoming a permanent stain. Regular cleaning by a professional will also ensure your carpet is easier to spot clean and maintain. Here are some removal techniques you can try yourself. Please note that these are suggested treatments only, and every carpet is different. SafeClean is not accountable for any further damage that may be sustained by using the DIY methods below. For complete peace of mind, simply call us at SafeClean. We’re happy to give advice about stain removal anywhere in Brisbane, even if you’re not booking a service straight away.
Blot all stains with a white paper towel to soak up as much of the spilled material as possible. Don’t rub the stain as this will embed it further into the carpet fibre. Once you have finished dabbing it with the towel, remove the towel, place a fresh one down and leave it overnight. This waiting period helps the substance to be soaked up as much as possible, leaving less of the spill in the carpet for full cleaning later on.
In the case of water soluble stains, use the process above as well as diluting and dabbing with water. Water is all you need to dilute spills such as soft drinks, tea and coffee. The best technique is to dab the liquid spill as much as possible and add water to weaken the stain. Don’t add too much water though or your carpet won’t dry and you’ll end up with a water stain, or even mould! Use a spray bottle to avoid over-soaking the carpet. After that, like above, place a fresh towel or cloth down and leave overnight to soak up the remains of the stain.
These are a little more difficult to remove, depending on the substance. The simplest and safest method to try and remove these stains is to use diluted dishwasher liquid. This can work well with oily stains as the detergent breaks down the substance and helps it to be soaked up from the carpet. Once again, it’s recommended to let it sit and try not to rub the carpet. If this doesn’t work, and particularly if it is a large spill, call the professionals and don’t leave it too late or it will be harder to remove!
Insoluble and complex stains are best left to the professionals. Using a supermarket cleaner or, even worse, a bleach product can be risky and may leave your carpet looking far worse than when you started. In fact, the stain may set itself for good! A professional can identify the chemical make-up of the spill and know exactly what product and machinery to use.