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Rodent Treatment

Roof Rat           House Mouse

Rodent Facts and Signs

Our Rodent treatments can vary from job to job depending where you live. There are three types of rodents in Brisbane, they are the Roof Rat , Norway Rat and House Mouse. Here are some signs to look out for to determine if you have rodents in or around your home or building.

Look for signs of rub marks or greasy smear marks on corners and walls. New rat droppings are shiny and soft where as old rat droppings are dull and feel hard. Rat droppings are up to 12mm long with blunted ends and mouse droppings are 3-6mm long and with pointed ends, do not confuse this with gecko droppings as gecko droppings have white bits in their droppings.

Also look for burrows near creeks and buildings and under houses. You will find a rats nest is made up of paper, cardboard, twigs or rags. You may also here squeaking sounds from mice and for rats crawling or gnawing sounds mainly in walls and voids in and around your home. Rats like to gnaw materials to keep their teeth from growing to large and they will gnaw on metal, wood, conduit and cables. Rats also need food and water and will eat and drink from your pet’s food bowls.

If you find you may have rodents you should inspect your home or building for entry points and cover these areas up with chicken wire or other materials after SafeClean has laid bait stations.