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Flea Treatment

House ants

Fleas that are found inside and outside our homes here in Brisbane are known as cat and dog fleas.

They are also known to be called human fleas, cattle fleas.

They can give a nasty bite that can become extremely itchy turning red and may even start to swell after 30 minutes. After a day or so it may turn into a lump or blister. We recommend ice packs to be used and if an infection occurs to seek medical advice.

An adult flea can survive without a blood meal for months and can live well over a year whilst laying hundreds of eggs. They can hide in your carpet, bedding’s, cracks, crevices, soil and areas that pets sleep, eat or play. Flea pupa in there cocoons can lay still for over a year until they hatch. A unsuspecting tenant moving into a vacant house can be attacked by waiting hungry fleas.

We know the problem areas and can advise you on steps to take before we arrive, such as a visit to a vet for pets so that fleas will not re-infest your home.
We can guarantee that you will “See the Difference”