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Termite Baiting Does It Work?

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Termite Baiting Does It Work?

We see hundreds of pest control termites companies offering this cheap no mess, no chemical termite treatment and we have seen customers paying more then a termite chemical barrier due to the monthly or 3 monthly inspections that have to be carried out.

The big question is do they work and the answer is NO they do not work. All termite baiting systems do is tell you that you have termites around your home. They do not stop termites entering your home. The only time they should be used is in an area that cannot have a chemical barrier installed if this is the only option. Keep in mind if you have a termite baiting system installed you will have to have them inspected every 1-3 months and this can cost you a lot more annually than any other chemical barrier installed.

We have seen so many homes that have been attacked by termites after a termite baiting system was installed 12 months ago. Home owners have told us they have spent well over $5000 for this baiting system to be installed and now to find out there homes are riddled with termites does not go down well. If they had a termidor chemical barrier installed this would last up to 8 years and only cost around $3800. Keep in mind you will still have to keep up with a termite inspection every 12 months.

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