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Cockroach Treatment

Tired of cockroaches running your home, call us and try our new Gel Bait product.

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No more need to empty out your cupboards. We only use the best quality products when treating your home. We are the best cockroach treatment company in Brisbane.

Cockroach facts

In Brisbane there are 5 types of cockroaches that can be annoyance these include American, Brown Banded, Australian and German. The one to watch out for is the German cockroach which can cause a lot of trouble. They normally like to stay indoors and attracted humid areas and places where it is easy to reach food and water.

If untreated these pesky Germans cockroaches can multiply in numbers within weeks and unfortunately take control of your home.

In our experience we’ve seen cockroaches build colonies in numerous places throughout the household such as microwaves, underneath sinks, small cracks, cupboards and dishwashers. When they run out of space in the kitchen they can quickly venture out to other rooms. SafeClean only use safe and effective treatments that you can count on to eradicate the persistent German cockroach.

Cockroach signs

To identify signs of cockroaches, check if there’s what appears to be small black sand particles in your kitchen cupboards as this is an indication of cockroach droppings, pay close attention to your cupboard hinges. Cockroaches like to live in small crevices & cracks, so grab a torch light and check underneath your kitchen sink. They also like warm humid places, so it’s a good idea to check around your microwave and dishwasher.

If the bugs come back so do we!