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Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs Brisbane – Best Service from Professional Carpet Layers

Carpet repair


It is important to weigh the cost difference between carpet repairs and replacing your carpet. If the repair costs exceed the replacement cost, our experienced Brisbane based team will respectfully suggest replacement rather than repairing. Most carpet repairs can be performed easily and professionally – don’t hesitate to speak to our team to see if going down the carpet repair route is best for you! Call 3823 2333

How Our Brisbane Carpet Repairs Service Works for You?

Why You Should Choose SafeClean for Carpet Repairs Brisbane?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perform carpet patching, however it does take a specialised technician to perfect it and make it look as if no carpet repairs happened. It requires a high level of skill to perform slick carpet patching. The rows of the carpet must be perfect, the seams must be invisible and most importantly, the direction of the fibres must be aligned correctly.

If any of these ingredients are lacking, the patch will be more noticeable. If we feel your particular carpet patch will be noticeable we will let you know before we start. We do not use glue as most other Brisbane carpet patching ‘experts’ do, we utilise the best electrical tools called the Kool Glide to make sure we get the best results. Any additional piece of carpet certainly helps, but if necessary we are able to source extra carpet from a closet, under a piece of furniture or even from under a wall.

When to consider Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet streching


Split seams in doorways and halls can be repaired by our skilled technicians. We can re-cut and connect the seams, power stretch your carpet back in its original form and also repair where carpet meets the ends of bathrooms or kitchens.

Berber Carpet 101

Berber carpet is typically the most durable carpet on the market. It is used in businesses quite often due to the high traffic. Basements are another commonplace for Berber, as are hallways and stairs. However, Berber carpet has a weakness… it snags very easily! Whether it’s the vacuum cleaner or the dog’s nails snagging it, we can fix it by fitting a bonded insert into it.

Carpet Installation – Looking for affordable carpets in Brisbane

If you need to have your carpets laid, we provide a professional carpet laying service for both new or old carpet installations. We also sell and install new carpets to our real estate property managers. We offer a full range of carpet that suits tenants/landlords at discounted rates.

We are the only carpet installers in Brisbane who use a power stretcher during the carpet installation process. We do not just use a knee kicker like most carpet installers do. The Australian standards for carpet laying is to use a power stretcher which helps in wear and tear and stops carpets moving during foot traffic. Carpets last longer if power stretched during the carpet installation.