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Ant Treatment

House ants

Treating For Ants

Ants have always been a problem for most home owners and at SafeClean we can rid your home of ants as we only use safe and effective procedures. Try our NEW termidore ant treatment that is guaranteed to work. All backed up by our free service warranty.

Ants become a problem when they enter your home to look for food and water or when they need to build their nests in higher locations due to heavy rain. Ants love different types of foods such as sugars, proteins, fats and oils. They will also look for water if we have long periods of dry weather. Ants will build nests in walls or under concrete slabs anywhere there are voids that do not get flooded out by rain water. They do not cause damage to timber but ants have been known to cause damage to wiring cables and they can loosen soils underneath retaining walls or building structures.

Both Ants and Termites will travel in great numbers if they have found a certain food source and will invade your home very quickly. Ants will gain entry into your home through small weep holes or cracks so if you see them coming through you should try and block those entry points with silicon or other materials if required.